About Me

My name is Nick Johns , I'm 21 years old, I currently live in Bloomington, Indiana.

Past Projects

Game Jams

I've participated in several game jams over the past 2 years including Global Game Jam and Ludum Dare. These games are small, and would be considered demos rather than completed projects, but some of them are interesting. These games were all created in some time frame between 4 hours and 2 days.


Becoming is a game I worked on in the fall of 2013 in a game development class at Indiana University. This game acted as a proof of concept to show examples of how "player choice" can effect different outcomes in a video game. The team was a very small group of inexperienced game developers and I lead the programming side of the project.

Current Projects

Night Terrors

Night terrors is a survival puzzle horror game built in XNA for xbox360. I worked on most of the initial development of the engine and implementing the interaction of items in the environment. The game was passed on to others and has been put on hold. You can watch the trailer here.


I am the programming lead for a game with Hoosier Games called Pop!. Pop! is a mobile game where a character is floating in a bubble in an infinitely large sky. There are obstacles that the player has to dodge such as birds and asteroids depending on how far up he is. There are also powerups to help the player, and items that boost his score. This game is being developed in Unity3D, where I have done all of the programming and created the trailer. The trailer for Pop! can be found here. Pop! is currently on hold due to lack of artists.

Flowers Vs Flowers

Flowers Vs Flowers is a very early concept that I started in 2013 with a designer friend. We wanted to make a concept of a Farmville style game with only flower growing, where the genes of a flower could influence, through cross pollination, a new flower. The textures and pedals were initially randomized through perlin noise, but at the time it wasn't optimized well enough to run on phones smoothly. Although this project didn't succeed, it was still an excellent learning experience about mobile efficiency. You can Play the demo here.